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Great Green Macaws - bird watching Costa Rica

Rainforest & Birdwatching Adventures in Costa Rica

... at Laguna del Lagarto Rainforest Lodge!

Are you looking for a true, unspoiled and virtually unvisited tropical rainforest, where you can explore the eco-system at your own pace while staying at a cozy jungle hideaway? ... you found it!
La Laguna de Lagarto Rainforest Lodge, located in Northern Costa Rica near Boca Tapada and the Rio San Carlos River.

Bird watching paradise, Costa Rica, at Laguna del Lagarto


The Laguna del Lagarto Eco-Lodge in Northern Costa Rica offers you 1250 Acres (500 Hectares) of virgin tropical rainforest with an incredible variety of fauna and flora.

350 different species of birds have been counted, among them the Great Green Macaw.

The Lodge is operated in harmony with nature, under ecological guidelines. A perfect place for passionate bird-watchers and rain forest lovers. More than 10 km of well marked rainforest trails make birding and exploring nature easy, no matter whether you prefer to explore nature and wildlife on your own or with a naturalist or birding guide.

Wireless internet (WIFI) is offered in the reception and restaurant area.

Costa Rica birding paradise: Laguna del Lagarto Lodge


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Laguna del Lagarto Rainforest Lodge

Phone: 2289 8163 (Office San José)
Pital de San Carlos, Boca Tapada 995-1007

7 km (4 miles) North of Boca Tapada:
Latitude: 10.687028 (10N 41' 13.3")
Longitude: -84.180556 (84W 10' 50.0")




Memberships & Certifications

Red Costarricense de Reservas Naturales CST certified - Certificate for Sustainable Tourism International Ecotourism Club Its a green world
Laguna del Lagarto Eco Lodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica



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Laguna del Lagarto Rainforest Lodge, Costa Rica
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